• 20 Luglio 2024 3:27


An Italian Radioamateur Station


I prefere to talk about Holiday Expedition, as is my favourite way to make radio ! Also if I do my activation with great commmitment, I try also to do not get me too seriously….

Anyway, the idea to be “to the other side” it is alwyas good.. some time happens to have a kind of pile up, also if you are not calling from a very special place … but making contact from a beach, or from a mountain it is amazing.

Sometime it is so difficult to go on air… it is happened to try build up the antenna in a very small place, like a small balcony Hotel, or in between high wall…. but the HAM SPIRIT helps to find a solution, and to let arrive so far away possible your signal….

Have respect for all DX peditioner, they are trying to give you the possibility to make a qso from the small island, from the particular place, from where there is no possibility to find a stable connection. And help them and understand them if they are not arriving to your transceiver 9+40, probably they are operating with a battery, an antenna very low and bad build up, but a lot of energy !

Here below a list of my DX Activity, click on the list below to read the reportage of the activation. Instead if you are looking for the LOGS clik here