• 11 Agosto 2022 1:41


An Italian Radioamateur Station



Sometime I like to try build something. I’m not an expert, but I love using something made by me.

In my past here, when I started this hobby, I was able to build different antenna’s, starting from Multiband Dipole, Morgain 40/80, Quad and Yagi.

Recently I started trying to building something more complicated for me …. 

I have build my QRP Station, the  SW20+ from Small Wonder Labs; moreover the little transceiver start to work greatly almost immediately; I was helped by a friend to setup perfectly the rig, and now is working great !

It is really amazing the feeling get doing qso with your own radio, something that you did; likewise, for me, which I have studied Commercial, it is a very big satisfaction sending a CQ all over the world really home made !

Now my QRP home made station needed a home made key; so I started looking for something nice small.

At the end I found this fantastic Horizontal Key from Kent  .. few components, a couple of hours to assembly and ready to go immediately !

 Finally, here the Key completed with a plastic transparent cover !  Ready to go ON AIR!