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Building the new shack room!

Nov 20, 2015 #building, #ik1ttd, #new, #shack


With two children growing, is now time to let the full space to them !
Actually my shack was in my little daughter room, becasue until now she loved to sleep into the her brother’s room, but now for her, it is become a time to move into her space ! My boy is growing also fast, now over 14 years’ old, and some friends are sometime walking home !! Everybody need a private space !

Where I shall go ? Talking with my wife, finally we locate a little room that I should use …. it is at the center of the house and actually used as closet for shoes and linens. Little, but big enough to put all my radio stuff ! And will be just for that!

The process will took several days …. prepare the new room to welcome my shack will be a bit complex, we need to move all the stuff out and redistribute all what was here in different rooms in the house. And of course all furniture will be completely changed and personalized right to fit all my radios !

Here the photos of the loooooooooooong process of the new shack !

Step1 – Dismantling the old shack …. what a disaster !

Step 2 – Preparing the new room

Step 3- Did I still have a garden ? Gosh, seems more like a sawmill …

Step 3 – The idea became solid ! Everything was studied with a software, here the space is small and must be enough to fit evrything !

Step 4 – Let’s start to put everything inside !

Step 6 – Like the Broadcast Station ….

It was a big but very funny process…. actually I am very happy with my Shackroom… The only thins I cannot do it is to run a MULTI MULTI CONTEST, as theis not space for a second operator…. but now eveybody in the family has his own room, and everything is perfect !