• 20 Luglio 2024 3:01


An Italian Radioamateur Station

Park on The Air !

Few weeks ago I start to follow the POTA Program… honestly I never look into before, but I was quite surprise to discover that in the Pota webpage I found some qso valid for the program made back starting in the 2017 !!!

So in June I started following the very well update Pota Web Page which is the best place to get infos about this program; I immediately realize that there is an impressive community of activators, but also a big number of station that follows very carefully all the activations….

I started earning the first Awards, which you can see here and I have to say that this kind of hunting is really interesting… in few weeks I already earned about 130 different Parks, and I am growing very very fast … every Activator has a good number of replies, no big pile up for sure, but it is for sure interesting chatting few minutes with them, asking the conditions they are working from the Parks…. some of them they really have a minimal shack, QRP or QRPP, and this makes the qso even interesting !

The Pota Page has several features, very useful for Hunters and Activators…. for sure the MAP is one of the most important features, and allow you to understand and program the activation around your places. If you check the interactive map, probably you will discover one or more Parks around you, wherever you are, so should be a nice experience trying to active one !

Don’t forget to announce your Pota activity on the Scheduled activation Page ! You will probably start calling from the forest, may be with limitated power and battery, it is necessary to let know all the community that you will be On Air ! Also for few hours will be really amazing !

Personally I am planning to activate some Parks around my place during July and August ! So keep seeking the Pota Page on the Spot Section, this is the right place to search for every activator in real time ! If they are out, you will find them here !!