• 17 Giugno 2024 8:24


An Italian Radioamateur Station

I want to share with you a quick and very useful project I just did some time ago… and can really gives a big help understanding the HF conditions in real time.

You probably know the Geochrone , this amazing device that allow to know tons of informations in real time about the whole World. Geochrone it is really a Masterpiece, a luxury tool; but we can get something similar with a small Raspberry, pratically at no cost !!! So why not trying ? So let’s go forward and explore this nice alternative: the Hamclock

Hamclock is an amazing software that follow the idea of Geochrone, and provides real time space weather, radio propagation models, operating events and other information particularly useful to the radio amateur; HamClock may be built for Raspberry Pi, macOS, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Windows WSL or most any other UNIX-like system supporting the X11 Windows system.

You have detailed infos how to install on the https://www.clearskyinstitute.com/, here I will talk about the use of this amazing sofftware ! After entering your datas, the system will generate a default screen configuration, which is fully configurable at your wish…. you can see here below the following video that will be helpful as a long written article !