• 22 Giugno 2024 1:25


An Italian Radioamateur Station


FT8 and other digital mode are for me funny as any other kind of transmission we can do in the fantastic HAM WORLD ! The past few years, propagation was really poor, not much possibility to catch new one or some interesting Islands or DX.

Then the Digital World gave the possibility to have fun anyway, working with low power ( I NEVER use more then 40 watt for FT8 ) pratically the whole Planet.

Here below a list of the nice AWARD that you can easily earn after some months of FT8 traffic…. don’t waste time to ask you if FT8 is still radio….

May be is different from CW, SSB and other… but don’t forget, behind that keyboard , in the other side of the World, there is still another HAM that is “chatting” with you using radio ! Enjoy it !

It is also possible to get some Awards… to be honest not the same feeling as the “pergamine old school” Awards I have hanged on my shack walls, but anyway is simple and almost automatic using a software called ULTIMATE AAC .

If you want to see some of my Award, YOU CAN CLICK HERE .