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An Italian Radioamateur Station


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  • 2021 Ruia Island EU165 & IIAW005

2021 Ruia Island EU165 & IIAW005

Approaching Ruia Island – Ruia Island is a very small Island right in the Porto Brandinchi Gulf; I already look at this Island for an holiday activation in the past,…

2019 Sardinia Island EU024

Sardinia Island ! Here a compilation of picture of our vacations. This year I haven’t made any activation, also there is a lot of small island here around; this year…

2018 Tavolara Island EU165

For sure the biggest Island here around…. and I love so much. So also this year I have decided to go there with my equipment. But this time I had…

2018 Sardinia Island EU024


2017 Tavolara Island EU165 & IIA W004

TAVOLARA ISLAND 2017 EU165 Tavolara island again! But this time I had more time to spend on this nice Island…! It is quite easy to reach this Island, there is…