• 20 Luglio 2024 2:58


An Italian Radioamateur Station

GO BOX 1.0

How to build a “Plug and Play ” HAM Station

Here below there is the story of my RADIO BAG 1.0… I got lot of fun to build the Radiobag, so I decided to put the story downloadable… may be somebody want to try to build one, and will be nice to have like a small guide to be helped in the construction.

Read the article scrolling here below, and an the end you will have the possibility to download it. Of course this will be just a “direction to follow”… I have used a bag found at home… but you can use other kind of bags… very good are the ones for eletric device …

Keep under control the weight of what you will put inside, and warning to do not overweight the bag… or will be very difficult for the transportation….