• 22 Giugno 2024 1:43


An Italian Radioamateur Station

2021 Ruia Island EU165 & IIAW005

Approaching Ruia Island – Ruia Island is a very small Island right in the Porto Brandinchi Gulf; I already look at this Island for an holiday activation in the past, but it not easy to land on the island, the around ther’s lot of rocks until the edge, and need to be very becareful.

In August 2021 I decided to try; so I was forced to wait a very calm and not windy day, very rare case in Sardinia !

Trying to reach the Island with the rig, and avoinding to let it snorkeling – As you can see from the pics there was no way to land directly with the boat on the island, then I used a small kidboat to transport transceiver, battery, antenna, pc and everything.. it was fun and scaring at the same time, as the kidboat is very small and can very barely bear the weight, especially the battery and the radio bag.

The setup is now ready – Luckily all equipments arrived safe and dry on the island, and after 30 minutes I was able to start calling CQ FROM IK1TTD/IM0 from Ruia Island ! The pile up arrived immediately, as the Island it is a NEW ONE for IIA Program

I started the 40 meter as the propagation was quite open, skip around 400-1000 km for the first 30 minutes, then started to reach the 1500km, and some European station start to be logged in. The run was very fast from the beginning, and I got really lot of fun !

Awesome colors from Sardinia – Here the sea has incredible colors, and in this pic you car really see that. If you are a “beach and sun enthusiast” Sardinia it is probably the best place in Europe to go on vacation…. cristal water, white beaches, coloured sunset … the paradise…

Ruia Island activated – after 2 hours of furious pile up I decided to stop the trasmiSsion … we had to come back home for some reasons … but the fun was great, lot of people was very happy to have the NEW ONE logged in. For me was a great pleasure to give you the improve my skill in the fast run, as the pile up was costantly running at 200 qso/hour ….

I am now preparing a nice QSL for this activation for all that will goin to request it. QSL Card via Direct to my homecall or via Buro. To check if you are logged in check on the Log on line page right here. Thanks all !