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An Italian Radioamateur Station


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A new vision for Loop Antenna

Trying to built several kind of antennas, which is by the way so amazing for me, I recently found something absolutely astonishing. To be clear nothing that I have invented…


Along the years, I always try to have a better setup for my DX Pedition ! Some year ago I found the Rybacov Antenna, a very common antenna used from…

My new 4 Element beam

At the end, and after a long search I found it! In 1992 I bought my first Beam, it was the Yagi 3 Element Beam from an Italian factory called…

Changing coax line

On March 2021 I have change my lines to antennas after 20 years of services. I have now two brand new line, done with MESSI & PAOLONI AIRBORNE 10: Line…

Rybacov Antenna- The final solutions !

This is for me the final solution for outdoor and temporary activity…. little weight to carry, small pack, ready to go in 10 minuts, and most important things, ALL BAND…