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Changing coax line

Mar 15, 2021 #antenna, #cable, #coax, #COAXLINE

On March 2021 I have change my lines to antennas after 20 years of services.

I have now two brand new line, done with MESSI & PAOLONI AIRBORNE 10:

  • Line nr. 1 to my Triband Yagi Echo Antenna for 10-15-20 meters – 142 meters
  • Line nr. 2 to my Vertical Antenna Extreme for 10-80 meters – 135 meters

Yes I know, it is a lot.. but my antenna are on the top of a hill behind the house, so it is like to have a tower of about 40 meters up !

During the change of the line, I also made some estra maintenance to my triband, after 24 years of service is still working very good, but better to make a nice check up !