• 20 Luglio 2024 1:37


An Italian Radioamateur Station

A new adventure is incoming !

This year our vacation will have as destination Indonesia ! We just found a nice and cool Resort in a small and exclusive Island called Maniawakan, in the Karimunjava Archipelago, and since few months ago, I immediately started my research to see if was possible to have some HAM operation overthere.

As I have no idea how to start the process, I wrote to ORARI, the Ham Association of Indonesia ; they reply me quite soon, sending the long list of necesasry documents. The process took quite a couple of months, and honestly in the meanwhile I was really nervous.

Anyway, a couple of days ago arrived the positive reply: YB2/IK1TTD became possible ! From October 8th to October 22nd I will be “on air” from Memjawakan Island; as the Island is not listed for the IOTA, I wrote an email to the IOTA Commitèe, and they confirm they provisionally approved the Island to apply for OC-186 !!! What a great news !

Soon I am running the checklist, and this week I will run the usual test of all my “toys” !!! Follow me to have all updates about this adventure ! See you on the air !