• 20 Luglio 2024 1:48


An Italian Radioamateur Station

2014 Sardinia Island EU024


Here you find my log if you had a QSO with me during my Activity from:

–  San Teodoro, NU (I)

–  Fava Castle, NU (I)



Ready to fo for a little activation with my son … 
I choose the Castle of the Fava Beans, not so far away from my Holiday House ! I did a little inspectio nbefore to go, and after I got the “green light” from the custodian of the Historical site I was ready to go !

To climb on the Castel ther is a narrow and hard rockway, not difficult if you are just walking, but hanging with you several kg’s of radio will be a bit different …

The curious name of the Castel has origin by a nice legend 

 In 1300 a Turkish fleet landed on the island coasts and laid siege to their Posada in order to conquer hunger . In an attempt to deceive the people of the besiegers Posada did eat the last handful of beans remained at a pigeon , wounding him slightly ; this during the flight fell into the camp of the Turks , revealing a stomach full of beans and causing the attackers to overestimate the food resources of the islanders . So it was that the Turks are convinced that they have no hope , they removed the siege and left the island’s shores

The activations gave me the possibility to understand that there is still  a lot of interess in the Award for Italian Castle !the D.C.I. the Award for Italian Castle !