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Norderney Island EU047

Nov 17, 2005 #activity, #dx, #dxpedition, #ham, #iota
Norderney Island EU 047
Everything was planned since long time.. every year in October I travel in Germany for my job, and checking the map, there was a good opportunities to have some fun with my hobby …. so on friday I start calling some Hotel’s in the Island of Norderney, but without any lucky .. but I decided to go anyway, and then see what’s happened !!

 Weather in that weekend was just “horrible”, dark, cold, little rain .. yeah, I have to say “typical German weather” … but I’m here for have fun …. so le’t go searching for a nice place !

After some research nothing yet ! 
Nobody want to have an antenna on the top of the Hotel !! 

At the end I remember that 10 year ago when I was again year (curiously the same weekend as now !!) I found a quite Hotel in the farest side of the Island that was available for my purpose !!

So after 30 minuts from the check in I was already ready ! My mobile setup is quite fast to build up… my 13 meter fishing rod was build up in few minuts, and my Radiobag it is already reado to go ! CQ from EU-047 Norderney Island, please QRZ !!


Norderney it is  one of the several Island of the Est Frisian Islands Group, and it is possible to reach with the Ferry boat   from the little village of Norddeich, in the North Coast of Germany.

The propagation in this weekend was not so good, but anyway good enough to enjoy a couple of days of radio ! I will come back probably again next year !

Here below Julian OH8GEJ sent me a nice video made during his QSO with me when I was on NORDERNERY ISLAND !!! 

He was doing great with his QRP Station !