• 17 Giugno 2024 8:28


An Italian Radioamateur Station

Raspberry for HAM

Exploring a new idea. Raspberry for portability operation instead of PC!

During my recent DX operation from 3A, I tried to start using the Raspberry PI for FT8, and worked quite well; the good thing is that the Linux Machine NEVER HAS TROUBLE… and when you are outside, you don’t want to have bad surprise ! And still, Raspberry is lighter and smaller, another good point for portable operation !

I found an excelllent dowload by KM4ACK, complete with a nice suite of a lot of HAM SOFTWARE, you can find all instruction right here. For my 3A operation I was interested to try operation on FT8, and it was quite easy to setup, and worked great !

My goal now it is to have JUST the Raspberry, working for outdoor operations… The interesting features for me are:

  • LOGGING – I am doing some test with CQRLOG
  • FT8 – Actually I am testing the JTDX
  • CW – For portable operation need to be fast

One more difficulty is to let’s work my old IC706 MKIIG together with Microham USB III … I am pretty sure that with another younger TRX as the IC7300 for example will be much easy.. also the Microham USB III has been discountinued and now there is the Microham DXP without any installation and working greatly… but I need to let’s work this seutp as is my portable setup.

Stay tuned for more infos !