• 17 Giugno 2024 9:33


An Italian Radioamateur Station

Marconi Day 2022 – Save the date!

Tha Marconi Day 2022 is incoming !!! And this year will be 50% Award and 50% Contest !

The ARI Loano change the rules of this very old traditional Award, dedicated to the CW … this year will more similar to a Contest, with the intention to involve not jut the Award fans, but also who loves competition…. from 7.00AM to 6.00PM of January 22nd will be possible to have contacts will the Marconi Club Members (almost 900 )

Here please find the complete rules ! During the Award/Competition, you also have the possibility to earn points to take parts of the Marconi Club Ari Loano. Will be necessary just 3 qso made with Marconi CLUB Members to be able to apply the request of membership.

And since 1st January 2022 the MARCONI CLUB ARI Loano takes part of the Internation CW Council who promotes and aids in the retention and growth of International Morse Code as a mode of communication between amateur radio operators.

International CW Council Logo

Save the date, on January 22nd from 7.00 AM to 6.00 pm join us on 20mt, 40mt, 80mt, and spend few hours with us having fun with the noble and fine art of CW !!! … . . -.– — ..- … — -. -.

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