• 20 Luglio 2024 2:37


An Italian Radioamateur Station

I am just back from Porquerolles this evening.

The espectation was quite high, as last time I went back from the Island with about 2500 qso’s… but sometime something very unespected charge rules…

In 2005, when I came here, wi-fi system was still not so improved, and in general there was not too much noise producer; but today there are a lot of noise source. And I just got a big example !

I was so happy to have found a fantastic room, with large terrace and sea view; also a lot of space for my antenna, as on the terrace was the possibility to hang the vertical. Also the 3 radials was in the perfect position, and everything seem’s starting in the best way.

In less then 1 hour I was already online, but around me there was a thunderstorm, so the noise was quite high; but I was sure that as soon the thunderstorm was gone, I could really start having lot of dx.

Instead, in the evening we get a blue sky again in Porquerolles; but the noise level was still 9+20; I could not receive nothing at all, just few signal over the big noise level.

So I was calling and hearing in the deep of the noises lot of people repliying me… but was really impossible, except few cases, get the callsign…

I went sleeping with the hope to wake up in the morning and have a clear sound, but the day after nothing was changed; I started then to locate the noise source, and after a long inspection around the Hotel I realize that probably the noise source was represented by the WIFI repeater; and my antenna was right in front of the repeater…

Of course I ask the Hotel owner if could shut off the wifi repeater, but the reply was negative; at that point, my DX SPEDITION was converted into an holiday spedition ! I am so sorry for all people was especting to have a qso with me, but next time I will be sure to have a solution for this trouble.

Thinking to this experience, I am now very convinced to solve this trouble, as probably, in the futures years, will be always worst, as wifi and a lot of other eletric and eletronics equipments are around; and if happens to have one around, if you are not prepared, you are forced to shut down your radio.

Now I have already replanned the DX Pedition for the next May, and already upgrading my Station. Next time will be different. For now I will show some pics shooted during my dxpedition converted into holiday !

Best 73 de F/IK1TTD.

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