• 24 Settembre 2022 17:24


An Italian Radioamateur Station


Set 20, 2022

Along the years, I always try to have a better setup for my DX Pedition ! Some year ago I found the Rybacov Antenna, a very common antenna used from a lot of people… if you google it, you will find tons of project; my Rybacov it is differnt from the mass model that everybody has; he has not ferrite or toroid, just a coil wound in air, and 3 radials.. you find all specifics here.

But the Rybacov, as every vertical, has the noise problem sometime… it is happened during some DXpedition to have very high noise, and I experienced lot of trouble to “hear” people calling me…

I would find a valid alternative to the Rybacov, which is still my favourite as is the only antenna the “WORKS” on ALL BAND “, and when I say “works” it is really so…

Anyway, actually I ‘m testing the Endfed Antenna, total different antenna, with some limitations, for example do not works on all band.. or may be I can say you can tune it on every band, but will not give you a good performance. As portability it is very flexible, as could be placed in 3 different configuration: vertical, sloop and inverted V. You can see my construction of this antenna right here.

TEST nr. 1 – In the first round of test I put the Rybacov versus the Endfed in Vertical Configuration … as you can see from the response of Reverse Beacon, in general the Rybacov wins, signal overall are higher overall on all bands.. few exception…


TEST nr. 2 – Then I make a second test, this time I put always the Rybacov versus the Enfded in Sloop configuration 10 meter long, and here we have some different result … on 40 Meters seem’s to get almost same result, the Rybacov is a little better, but in this band the Enfed should not work at all.… On 20 Meters it is another story, the Enfed win very much, signal are much higher, and by the way, several DX Beacons replied just to the Enfed and not to the Rybacov. Same story on 17 Meters